What we offer

Under the roof of the JBIL a number of photonic and imaging instruments throughout Jena are offered for the analysis of medical and biological applications. Our staff provides consultation on the appropriate methods to address your question, and, depending on the complexity of the required method, instructs you or performs the required experiments and assists with data analysis.
Besides giving access to a number of photonic and imaging instrumentation, the JBIL also offers a number of diagnostic assays, mainly in the field of infection analysis, making the JBIL the leading platform for chip-based biophotonic analysis of infections from different body fluids and tissue samples. Our research focus is in developing assays to watch infections live and we are happy to modify existing assays and develop new ones matching your specific sample and application. Standard operating protocols for sample preparation for the different instruments are available upon request and will be provided by our staff after discussing your experimental requirements.

The JBIL also offers  training for Ph.D students (like summer schools) and special courses for researchers in the field of photonic and imaging techniques.